[remote] Redefine forward and backward [solved]

Hi, with OSMC in my LG TV CEC remote functionality works very well. Back button works without configuration, and I can redefine in remote.xml the color buttons!

But backward and forward buttons doesn’t works as I expected, so I enabled logs to configure it and I see that I have no idea if I can configure or not.

When I press a color code (supose blue) I see something like:
pressed XXX (blue) (47) // Note the two parenthesis, one with the pressed button in text (blue)

But when I press forward log show something like:
pressed forward (32) // Only one parenthesis, but the first string is really the correct key

The problem is that I haven’t the key string (blue in the first example) for the forward/backwards buttons, but it really knowns that is forward/backward (the first string is correct, but is no the key that I can configure in remote.xml)

Is there any possiblity to redefine forward/backward in this situation? (if needed, I can get some real logs)

PD: The problem is because forward and backwards buttons points to “sleep” and “SkipNext” actions and I want FastForward and rewind.


Simple answer is yes (probably).
However, without better knowledge of the remote, and which keys give what (as shown by the debug log) I would find it difficult to give a prescriptive answer.

A search for remotes and also keyboard in the Kodi (used to be XBMC) wiki could help you (try this one )

I readed some information in Kodi wiki (keymaps configuration, actions and windows that can be configured, and that CEC information) and my TV is in the CEC list (LM620)

Here you have real logs. I pressed red, green, yellow, blue, play, pause, backward and forward (I commented the log): // Press RED (redefined in remote.xml as <red>)13:14:36 T:1861219360 DEBUG: - Pastebin.com

As I said, i redefined the color buttons, but I want redefine backward and forward.

You can see in my logs that RED button generates this log:
CecLogMessage - key pressed: F2 (red) (72) current(ff) duration(0)
CecLogMessage - Changed key F2 (red) (72) D:0ms cur:ff
CecLogMessage - key pressed: F2 (red) (72, 0)
CecLogMessage - Key F2 (red): idle (duration:0) (72) timeout:500ms (rel:500,rep:0,prs:1,rel:0)
OnKey: 251 (0xfb) pressed, action is Info

But forward has this:
CecLogMessage - key pressed: forward (4b) current(ff) duration(0)
CecLogMessage - Changed key forward (4b) D:0ms cur:ff
CecLogMessage - key pressed: forward (4b, 0)
CecLogMessage - Key forward: idle (duration:0) (4b) timeout:500ms (rel:500,rep:0,prs:1,rel:0)
OnKey: sleep (0xdf) pressed, action is SkipNext

As you can see, this log doesn’t have the string key in parenthesis (marked in bold in the RED log)
CecLogMessage - Key F2 (red): idle (duration:0) (72) timeout:500ms (rel:500,rep:0,prs:1,rel:0)
CecLogMessage - Key forward: idle (duration:0) (4b) timeout:500ms (rel:500,rep:0,prs:1,rel:0)


Sorry - needed time for sleep etc.
I can suggest you make a keyboard.xml, define the scope of the keys you want to act (probably FullscreenVideo) and make the redefinitions there:


Caveat: I’m not familiar with CEC and remote.xml, so you might want these lines, suitably amended, in the remote.xml


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Thank you, but it doesn’t works because forward and backward aren’t correct names for tags: http://kodi.wiki/view/List_of_XBMC_keynames

I triyed with Keymap using ID’s 4b and df with keyboard and universalremote (using obc4b and obcDF)

OK -
using that link, together with your log, I think you need:

<key id= 0xdf>FastForward</key>
<key id= 0xdd>Rewind</key>



Perfect! It works!
Thank you so much

I think that the lines should close with the </key> and not the code of the key.

There is no need to resurrect a 2 years’ old post.

if it is still search-able and contains an error that can lead to another person using it as a reference, then the post should be either deleted or fixed.

so it is, thanks.

That’s an interesting one - especially as the user I was trying to help reported the original posting as resulting in a fix 2 years ago.
What changed in the meantime???