Remote selection not sticking

Hi All,

I’ve configured a new Pi 3 to run OSMC , added a IR receiver and, eventually, got it all to work however…

After a power off and complete reboot , the remote (an RC5 DigiTV device) fails to work . If I reselect the device in Settings/MyOSMC (browse for the DigiTV.lircd.conf file in /Home/Pi/Downloads), it works fine again.

Where should the .conf file reside to be picked up during the Pi’s boot proceedure?


P.S Thanks for writing and supporting OSMC guys - it is perfect for my needs (donation sent).

Pi 3 - running Jessie and OSMC (from NOOBS)
Home made IR receiver into GPIO23 - working OK
Remote is a Nebula DigiTV device (RC5)
LIRCD.CONF is a modified version of the DigiTV.lircd.conf from the remotes list but with modified timings


  • If you plan on using OSMC as your main OS, consider ditching NOOBS.
  • Consider moving the config file to /home/osmc/lirc.conf manually
  • GPIO23 is an odd one to run a TSOP off of. I think 17-18 are default values.


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Thanks Sam,

I very new to linux and pi so , reading between the lines, the problem I’m having is related to the ‘dual boot’ option of the noobs software ? - there is no /root/home/osmc folder (ok, i can work around that)

ATM I’d like to keep debian ,so i can play with the hardware (i want to switch the monitor panel power using a gpio pin) but switching to osmc only is on the cards.

Thanks again for your support :slight_smile:


Not necessarily related to NOOBS.

/home/osmc is the folder you want, not /root/home/osmc


This is your problem - other partitions on your noobs card get mounted too late during bootup so the file will not be accessible when lirc is first trying to load it.

If you copy the file to /home/osmc and select that it will work fine after a reboot. /home/osmc is the recommended location to save custom lircd.conf files.

Thanks DBMandrake :slight_smile:

I tried saving the DigiTV_lircd.conf (plus one renamed as lircd.conf) in /home/osmc but that didn’t seem to work either (not sure why - probably wrong folder :-()

In the end (in a process that was only slightly easier than writing my first computer program*) I have got it working by copying the .conf file over the one in /media/root/etc/lirc [from memory so path may not be exactly correct] using SSH from my PC (upstairs <> downstairs - phew!)

Many thanks for all your help

(* 1968 on punched cards - took a week to get back a ream of paper - I’d created an endless loop , that was stopped by the SysOp - :flushed:)