Remote shortcut for toggling subtitles on and off


How do I map the Information button to toggling subtitles on and off? Ideally, I’d like to do create that shortcut from the GUI without SSH’ing into the device.

Thank you

You can use Keymap Editor to remap keys.

That worked perfectly, thank you.

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It it possible to expand on how this works? Which Subtitle to use for editing.
I edited all Show Subtitles to Info (195), but when pressing Info in a film, I still get the Info pop up

@sam_nazarko After trying the Info button to enable/disable subtitles, I actually would prefer to assign that function to the menu button (the one with 3 dots and 3 dashes). Do you know the default functions assigned to Info and Menu buttons in Key Editor, so that I can reverse them to their original functions?

The Menu button is context menu
The info button is keyinfo