Remote stopped working due to poor battery connection

The remote stopped working. Followed a few of suggestions in various posts. (It’s plain black osmc remote that came with the vero4k, perchased about year and a half ago).

To make it work again I remove the battery cover and I squeeze the battery into the connection pad, making the battery power connect.

Sad thing is, my wife’s not strong enough to squeeze the battery and creat a connection.and it her remote. Ugh.

Any suggestions?

How long did it work for until you experienced an issue?

Did you change the battery since?

its been running fine for about a year. the battery was changed once about 6 months ago. it now has a new battery, (the second new battery)

Make sure you are using genuine CR-2032s and you didn’t damage the battery contacts when removing the battery.

. Not sure how the contact could be damaged. Its a flat piece of metal under the battery

Will disassembly and inspection help, possibly reconnect the contacts? The contacts break away from the board somehow? The remote was working fine up untill today. Now I can’t even get it to work by pressing the battery in.

I had a remote where the side contact (+ve) broke off the PCB. If you are confident with disassembly and soldering it’s possible you could fix it but the clip is quite snug in the case so not a lot of space for solder.