Remote stops working after x amount of time


I have this issue since an update of 6 or so weeks ago:
when I power on my vero everything works fine. Then after a day or so it does not respond to remote control (ir) or usb keyboard anymore. After reseeding the power every thing works fine again for a few hours or so.

I havent really digged into this since I was hoping others would have this issue as well and it would be fixed in a subsequent update. Unfortunately we are 2 or 3 updates along and I still experience this issue.

Anyone else having this?
Any idea where to start troubleshooting wise?



I’ve had a system with a mouse start ignoring the mouse, but it’s easy to fix if you can still access the Pi via SSH (stop/start media centre usually fixes it). Trouble is that the problem isn’t repeatable, and has only happened a couple of times. If you kept debugging on, there would be an old log (after you re-power it) which might reveal something