Remote suddenly stopped working

My Vero 4K+ has quite suddenly stopped responding to its remote.

The Vero itself still works fine when controlled from my phone with Yatse.

Remote still produces a blue LED light when you press a button.

I tried changing the battery - didn’t help.

Any ideas?

  1. unplug dongle and plug in again (preferably in the other USB port)
  2. if that doesn’t work re-pair it

If you haven’t used it for a while, it probably needs re-pairing.

Re-pairing seems to have fixed it.

Why would it spontaneously unpair itself, though? Is it likely to keep doing that?

When did you last use it?

Something may have changed in your environment – neighbour has a new WiFi network or device perhaps?

It was working on Monday, then not working on Tuesday.

It seems to be fine, now, I was just a little surprised

We can keep an eye on it, but it should be fine