Remote volume buttons no longer control volume (Vero 4K)

Hello there.
I have a problem with my remote for the Vero 4K not increasing the volume. All other keys work fine.
A few years ago I purchased a Vero 4K and it came with a remote that had << >> rather than the little speaker icons. I subsequently purchased a new remote with the volume icons, plugged it in and it worked fine to increase and decrease volume using the remote.
[The original remote I paired with a Raspberry pi running OSMC, remapped the <<>> keys to volume and it works fine.]
A few weeks ago, I think it was after an update, I found that the volume up and down buttons no longer work. All other buttons work as expected.
I re-paired the remote/dongle, as per instructions here - no change; still does not work.
I downloaded the key map (I think that is what it is called) to the Vero and mapped the volume buttons, as I had for the Raspberry pi. But that did not enable me to use the volume buttons to control the volume.
I then used the remote that came with the Vero (the remote with the <<>> rather than hte volume icons). Remapped it, and it too does not change the volume from the remote.
So, I am a little perplexed. Grateful for any suggestions or advice.
Other than this, the Vero 4K has worked flawlessly and is a great little gadget.

You can use the Keymap Editor to change this behaviour.

The keymaps have changed slightly in the last update so we could add support for long press functionality and have a unified keymap across all generations of remote.


Hi Sam
Wow! Thanks for the swift reply!
I tried to remap the volume keys using the key map editor. I could see the buttons were registering and the changes were saved. Do I need to reboot after remapping?
Perhaps I have the wrong keymap editor. I downloaded it from the app store (sorry - not sure of the precise name).

I think you may have mixed and matched the remote dongles, which would be problematic

Can you please plug in just one of the dongles, turn on debug logging, reboot twice, press the info button and then one of the volume buttons and then upload full logs in the My OSMC add-on, and then let us know the url it comes back with.

Hi Sam
Thanks for your reply. I checked that. And no, I had not muddled the dongles.

Hi darwindesign
Thanks for your reply. I have just the one dongle plugged in and only ever had one plugged in. I’ll go through the process you suggest.

Hi Argestes,
which keyboard language are you using? I had same problem since v18.6. For me it helped to switch from German to Englisch language for input devices in the settings.

We have implemented a workaround for the language issues that occur when these remotes are seen as a keyboard (to enable long-press support) and some keyboard layouts (including de). These fixes are specific to particular dongles and the remotes intended to be used with them. Prior to this thread we have only been made aware of one other system suffering this issue and that was caused by using a dongle that was not correct for the remote it was paired with.

So we can understand if this is also the case with your system or if there is some other issue that needs to be looked into I would request you submit logs as well in the manner I outlined above.

To prepare logs i switched back settings to GERMAN. Interesting fact, after resetting, it’s working even with German language, now. So, no issue for me anymore.

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