Is there a rechargeable remote control available?

Using my phone as a remote for now, was fed up with having to change the batteries every 2 to 4 months, but after using the remote a lot recently it only lasted a month.

Its a vero 4k+ using the standard wifi remote



It is possible to use a universal infrared remote programed to a profile enabled in the My OSMC add-on. You could also use a Bluetooth Keyboard or remote. You could also use any other third party remote that comes with a USB dongle and presents itself as a standard keyboard or mouse.

Seems bizarre that your remote lasts such a short time, I’ve had mine in daily use for over 2 years and never changed the batteries!

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Sounds like you may have some interference; or you’re operating the remote from an extreme distance (10m+).

Have you tried holding Home and OK keys to re-pair the remote on another frequency? This may improve things for you


Distance is between 1 meter and 3 meters.

Wasnt aware of the frequency change option, ill will try it out thanks.

Batterys have always ran out quickly, how long would you say the batteried should last with normal use.
I assumed it was because it wasnt infrared, they last for years!

Thanks phil

Thanks for the advise, would this one work with the vero?

2.4GHz Air Mouse Remote with Keyboard, 6-Gyro Sensors Remote Rechargeable for Android TV Box, Smart TV, Computer, Laptop, Projector, HTPC, Media Player

Although I have no experience with that particular remote I believe it should work just fine. I would mention that the “air mouse” part of these types of remotes generally work terrible with Kodi. Some of these kinds of remotes have a simple button to turn this function on/off which makes it a bit of a non-issue. It may be worth your time making sure you can easily disable this feature before purchasing. Also note that you may have one or more buttons on the remote that may not function plug and play. I think there are a few buttons typical to remotes designed for Android that don’t have default mappings that line up with Kodi. If you run into this you should be able to fix those with the keymap editor add-on.


Just wanted to add this to the post for anyone else reading.

The change of freqency solution for the remote worked a treat, still the same batteries working to this day.

Thanks again for the help and support.