Remotely wake Vero 4K+ from suspend?

I have the Vero4K+/OSMC configured to suspend from the remote (long-press Home). Red LED turns on, and I can wake from the remote as well. Excellent!

Now I would like to be able to wake the device from Home Assistant. The Home Assistant documentation for Kodi only mentions to use JSON-CEC’s Activate command. But that doesn’t work for me; the red LED remains on, perhaps because CEC is not enabled because it didn’t work properly for me. Also the script is not triggered this way.

Is there a way to properly wake the Vero 4K+ from Home Assistant?

Tried JSon keypress?
Or via SSH.

Thanks! Simply sending Input.Home did the trick.

In Home Assistant the YAML looks like this:

- service: kodi.call_method
    entity_id: media_player.kodi_vero4k
    method: Input.Home
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