Remount fstab shares on Vero 4k when connection is interrupted?

If you can tell us where you are getting stuck, we can probably help. And maybe that will help us improve the tutorial.

Cheers Starpony

That is much clearer and I think I finally understand the process.

Thanks @starpony

@bmillham I’m not quite sure what went wrong, but I did find this a little confusing:-

"For SMB shares
sudo nano /etc/auto.master (this bit worked)

and add to the end of the file:
/- /etc/auto.smb.shares --timeout 15 browse (this didn’t work)

I think I got an error about timeout not being a command at this stage.
I had hardly any time to suss out what probably idiot error I was making and still don’t for another few days.

Also I had setup a new test share to try rather than deleting my fstab shares, can the two share types exist together of should I delete my fstab shares before I try again in a few days.

Nano would not do any commands, so something might have been wrong. Suggest to a screenshot of what you see on the terminal screen.

That’s ok as long as you don’t use the same folders on OSMC

Going to give this a go tonight. I can’t understand how this issue doesn’t come up more often.

Is there no way this can just be made into the way OSMC handles connecting to shares? The default way seems useless if i remember correctly (slow)

While I’m happy with how this method works for me, it may not be right for everyone. Mainly because it’s more complex to setup than the normal recommended fstab method.

Once working, I do find it superior to fstab, and I’ve now switched my 2 Veros, 2 Pi’s and 2 Linux Mint laptops to using autofs. :wink: