Remount fstab shares on Vero 4k when connection is interrupted?


Is there a command or way I can get my fstab shares to remount when the sever sharing them has been powered down or rebooted?

I ask this because I’m sharing from a Windows 10 PC which unlike the Vero 4K I power off when I’m not home.
When I was using SMB this wasn’t a problem as the Vero saw the shares again when I powered up my PC,
but since I switched to using fstab I have to reboot my Vero 4k to see these shares again after powering up my PC,
so is there a command or setting I’m missing to avoid having to do this all the time?

Be gentle with me or ELI5 if I’m doing something wrong, I know next to nothing about Linux and setting up these fstab shares is pretty much the only thing I’ve done with it.

FSTAB CIFS mounts - lockout on lost connection and wait timer on reboot

I think something like autofs might do this.



Thanks, do you know of a beginners guide to setting autofs?
I just Googled it and the couple of guides I’ve read so far are pretty heavy going and refer to NFS mounts rather than SMB, also will autofs work as well as fstab? I switched to fstab because it works perfectly with my UHD content without the need for GB ethernet.


Not a beginners guide but at least quite clear instructions.

Just normally we suggest to use /mnt instead of /media as the target directory.

Alternative with your current fstab mount you could run a script that contains sudo mount -a -t cifs you then would need to find a way o trigger that script when the connection is needed e.g. via inotify.


Thanks, that looks clearer than Googles first results.
I shall try it over the weekend.


In the meantime the team created a HOW-TO for autofs which should help.