Remove OSD at beginning of each video in a playlist

My Raspberry Pi running the latest official release of OSMC shows the title and play bar briefly at the beginning of each video. IS there a way to disable to on screen display overlay so that my video playlist plays more seamlessly?

Only if you change your skin. Some of the better skins have the setting:

Auto show OSD infopanel on playback start

Set it to 0.

Oh got it. Didn’t realize it could be skin specific. Thanks! Anyone have any recommendations?

Which skin are you currently using? The OSMC skin shouldn’t be doing this…

Right now I am using Confluence. I tried 2 other skins, can’t remember the names but whatever came with the lates OSMC install. All of them briefly show the play bar and file name at the beginning.

@ooftv, just letting you know that this should be resolved in a future update as we’ve backported a Kodi change from v19 that will prevent this unwanted behaviour at least with our OSMC skin. Will let you know whether it’s fully fixing this once I’ve got time to test. :+1:t2:

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This should have been resolved with the March update :+1:t2:

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