Removed usb stick now resolution is messed?

I’ve looked for an answer and I’m new here so sorry if this is explained elsewhere :confused:

I have a raspberry pi 2
It has osmc and kodi installed .
Everything was working fine.
When the device was turned off the usb stick
Was removed.
Booted device with sdcard still removed.
The resolution is very low and the mouse curser is huge.
Turned off the device.
Put usb stick back in.
Turned device back on but the resolution is
Still low and the mouse is huge?

I don’t know if a resolution setting
It’s not reading from the usb stick

Please help !

This is impossible. It didn’t happen because it cannot. Without the sdcard, the pi has no direction to where the OS system is located.

Ugh sorry I meant the little usb stick that’s plugged in.

I’m just confused because the resolution is so low and the mouse curser is huge.

Any idea how to change the resolution ?

When I went under Pi Config
Then into Config editor text it keeps saying to remove duplicate entries
And it keeps duplicating
#hdmi_force_hotplug=1 #DUPLICATE

Turn the pi off and boot it while connected TV is on and set to the appropriate input.

Why are you trying to use force hotplug anyway?

I really appreciate your help !
I only turned it off and took out the usb stick.
And when I turned it back on the resolution was messed.
I just went into the Config txt to see if there was a setting in there to fix it. I didn’t add or remove anything?
Now everytime I go into Config txt
It keeps adding another HDMI force hotplug ?
Should that and all the duplicates be removed?

Sorry I’m such a noob.
Your help is greatly appreciated!!

I should think so…

Ok I now understand the resolution is set when the tv is on and device is booted and there is no resolution adjustment.
I removed all the
hdmi_force_hotplug=1 #DUPLICATE/s
It’s still showing in kodi it’s set to 640X480@60hz
If I’m understanding correctly the hdmi_force_hotplug is used to set a predetermined resolution.
So I’m assuming the hdmi_force_hotplug is set to 640X480&60hz
And I don’t want that bc the device gets connected to different displays
So my question I think is, can I remove the

do I just change it from

Again thank you so much for your help !

Just do this and be done…

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Thank you ActionA for all your help !

I’m some stunned, there’s a wiki page for everything!

I looked at the page you linked and it’s definitely a solution but it also said I would have to change it everytime I switched displays and that would be at least 2X each day :confused:

So I found this page

And went through every setting, and apparently I mislead this entire thread bc I said I didn’t touch any settings but I now realize that
Was somehow turned on uuuugh
I turned that off, rebooted and I’m back in business !! Woohoo

Again thanks ActionA I hope you have a wonderful weekend ! :smiley:

Now I’m yanking the sdcard out and cloning it with win32diskimager in case something silly happens again.

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Your link provides information that is >2yrs old. Many things have changed. This link maintains updated and relevant info

I’m not sure how hdmi_ignore_cec would have any effect on your issue, but hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1 is default and present in all OSMC installations. It does not prevent normal function of CEC.

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