Rename TV Episodes In OSMC?


I recently moved to OSMC skin from Estuary skin and notice that my Tv Episode playlist automatically displays the tv show’s file names like this: S01E02•Episode Title. Is there a way for OSMC to rename the files like this: TV Show Name - (Season)x(Episode) - Episode Title?

My shows are named the same way (TV Show Name - (Season)x(Episode) - Episode Title). I am running the latest OSMC (May 2019) on my Raspberry Pi 3+.


Just to make sure … you did scrape your shows with a working scraper like TheTVDB, right? If so, please specify in which path/folder your episodes are not displayed as you wish and which viewtype you’ve set. A picture’s worth a thousand words, so please upload a screenshot.

Here’s an example (viewtype wall) with Estuary of a successfuly scraped TV show from TheTVDB:

As you can see, it’s always displayed as 00. episode title where 00 stands for the respective episode of the season.

I also don’t really get what you mean by playlist.

If you want to stick to the offical Kodi naming scheme, lose the dash and episode title in the file name so it looks like Lovleg.S01E01.mkv.

The “SxxExx • Episode Title” naming scheme is what we use with the OSMC skin. There’s no trivial way of changing this, I’m afraid.
As the TV show title is always shown as the window title in the top left corner, it didn’t make any sense to show it again in front of every episode’s title. This is different though in library folders where TV show episodes of different TV shows are mixed.

Other skins choose to use different naming schemes that are fixed as well, I believe.