Repair sad face loop after 19.3 update


after updating from OSMC 11.2000 with Kodi 18 to the actual version my Raspberry Pi 3 crashes every few minutes showing the sad face. This happens without doing anything - just staying in the main screen.
I tried to rename the .kodi folder so that a new one is created. The problem seems to have disappeared with this workaround.
What can I do to repair my old .kodi folder containing all my data? Or how can I find the setting or addon that is causing the crashes?
Or is it possible to copy data into the new profile without creating a mess?

Best regards, Stefan

Either you restore the whole folder and upload Debug enabled logs after the crash (via grab-logs -A

Or by enabling the addons 1 by 1

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Thank you very much.
My log can be found on

I would like to enable the plugins one by one, but I don’t know how to disable them while my OSMC is always crashing…

Last entry in logs.

Thread Timer start, auto delete: false 2021-12-11 13:28:51.410 T:547 DEBUG <general>: script.grab.fanart-0.16.0: found 3053 music files

So disabling fanart could be first try

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Is it really so easy?
I searched the logfiles yesterday for errors and warnings…
But yes - I disabled fanart rebooted and Kodi didn’t crash for almost half an hour now :laughing:

Thank you very much!