Repeated randomly generated play lists


This is a strange issue and i’m hoping someone has some ideas of what could be causing this behavior.

I have a button on my home shelf called “Random TV”, when pressed it will call a playlist that will randomly generate a list containing 10 random TV shows and automatically play.

The Rasberry Pi is connected to the TVs USB port for power so whenever the TV turns off so does the RPi.

Now here’s the strange part, every time I turn on the TV this list is always the same including each successive one. The only way to refresh the cycle is to properly reboot the RPi.

Now i’m thinking OSMC is saving a playlist file somewhere and not clearing it on startup but i have no idea where to look.

Any ideas?


Bad idea, you will get filesystem corruption and that will lead to other problems.

Connect the Pi to a proper power supply and don’t switch it off

Boots from NFS, any ideas on the actual issue?

So NFS doesn’t get corrupted if you shutdown the device without clean unmounting?


You really should power the pi with a proper power supply, rather than using a a tv usb port.

When you say you turn off the TV, is this off off or standby?

Sounds like the pi is still getting power and not shutting down. I suspect the playlist is generated on startup, hence why the restart is required.

Thanks Tom.

I don’t care about corruption, if it gets corrupted I recover from snapshot. Not a big deal and still has nothing to do with my original question apart from wild speculation.

Where did this “Random TV” button/addon come from? I don’t think OSMC provided it and probably has little control over it’s behavior. Did you actually seek support from the developer of the feature you are having issues with?


The button is just a link to a smart playlist that automatically generates a random list of 10 items ( There’s no black magic happening here just wondering if anyone has experienced any issues with these types of play lists not being “random”.

Maybe i’ll speak with the Kodi devs seeing that this forum is nothing but a condescending cesspool of ignorance.