"Replace file names..." option not working

Good night,

Last night I updated OSMC on my two Raspberries 3B. Just after the reboot, I found that the original filenames are being replaced with the scrapped names from the library, even with that option unchecked. It’s happening on my two devices since last night, and I didn’t add anything, so I think it could be related to the update.

For example, on Futurama, our filenames are (Spanish)

 01 - Piloto espacial 3000
 02 - La serie ha aterrizado

And that was the way they were showing on OSMC lists.

Now they are appearing with the library name, which I don’t want:

S01E01 · Piloto Espacial 3000
S02E02 · La serie ha aterrizado

I have already installed the new update (I think it was something happening with WiFi dongles?), but there is no difference.

These are my logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/uqaqebaqot . There is this part that I suppose is the one that matters.

         <extractchapterthumbs default="true">false</extractchapterthumbs>

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Update: I’ve found an example of filename on the logs.

22:27:13.698 T:1925884416 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: Opening: /media/My Passport/Gravity Falls/T1/1x15 The Deep End.mp4
And it’s appearing as “S01E15 · The Deep End”.