Replace kodi with Plex Media Player?

Hi. I was wondering if anyone has, or would like to help me get Plex Media Player installed on my Vero 4k? Ideally it would replace Kodi. I do not need or want to see kodi.

Why this over the Plex kodi addon?.. Because Plex media Player is kept up to date and feature parity with their other apps.

When I try to build it I get errors. Here are the instructions…

Any help is appreciated,

It’s theoretically possible but you’d have no hardware video acceleration because Plex isn’t open source and they don’t expose any APIs to support this.

PMP is deprecated - Plex went completely closed source and it’s only a matter of time until it breaks, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a long term solution.


Thanks for the reply Sam.

Isn’t it Plex Home Theatre that’s depreciated? Plex Media Player was the replacement.

Not according to

The last version, 2.58, is from 26 May.

@Chris230291 they abandoned the linux platform for windows and mac only