Replacement 8GB card to 32GB

I want to replace a 8GB SD card with OSMC and all files to 32GB scan disk Ultra micr SDhC UHS -I with adapter and USB 2.0 reader. Question… Can I copy all data to the new card or should I download OSMC to the 32 GB card and start over? I really don’t want lose all my stuff if possible.
THX Bryan 2565

Make a backup using the utility in MyOSMC addon. Clean install to the new card and then restore the backup.

does the backup also restores addons, etc?

Yes, I believer a Kodi backup backs up Kodi settings as well as Kodi addons. It does not backup things installed outside of Kodi though so if you’ve done any additional tinkering elsewhere then that might not be backed up.

Had the same task today ^^
I used the backup in MyOSMC, but some settings didn’t get restored:

  • Custom audio device. I have a hifiberry, had to set it up in piconfig and system-audio again
  • Video calibration was reseted. (Top-left corner, bottom-right corner thing…)
  • Region and keyboard-layout
  • Activate PVR. PVR-Addon-data backup was ok.
  • Custom Webinterface
  • max_usb_current in PiConfig

I don’t know which of these settings got lost due to Kodi-related things… this is just a list of things I experienced.

Use win32diskimager (Image Writer) :
(win32diskImager is specifically made for USB stick, SD or CF card)

  • Read to a file (can also be used just for backup)
  • Write this file on the new card

And extend the new card (the ext4 partition) to its size (Eg with Gparted)
(essential, otherwise, the new card seems to be the same capacity as the old)

the card will be a clone so everything will be preserved

IIf you do not have GParted / Linux, find and burn disc “SystemRescueCd” (Live Linux) - which contains GParted and boot from it (eg BIOS and boot order)
GParted can also be used to control and fix a corrupted partition in case the internal utility OSMC does not. (A corrupt partition creates all kinds of problems, such as no access to the scraper, unable to update, etc.)

A Clonezilla Live CD would be a good way to do this task. You could create an image of the 8GB card, and then restore it to the 32GB. Clonezilla will also resize the partition to use the complete 32GB.

Yes, Sure ! and also PartImage :
But if I have not spoken Partimage yet included in SystemRescueCd I advise to extend the partition
is that, as clonezilla, for anyone uncomfortable with computers, it’s a bit more complicated than win32diskimager

clonezilla (how to…)

win32diskimager (windows) : just button read and button write !
win32diskImager is specifically made for USB stick, SD or CF card // time and again used successfully for SD and USB stick for Raspberry Pi Backup

It remains GParted to expand the partition: it becomes a little annoying because I do not know any solution under Windows - but once started, it is also one click
Once boot on SytemrescueCD, GParted is already installed in graphical mode as windows :
Once the SD card (ext4) spotted. There is only one click to expand the partition
(and also one click for check/repair the system file)