Repository down?

Is anyone else not able to connect to the repository? I just did a clean install and I can’t connect despite having internet access

This has now been solved



Hi Sam, it’s still telling me it can’t connect.

Log is at

Link to try is in a browser

For me, it is currently returning 404 with text “Hash type not supported”. (without the query part) works in a browser for me


Everything should now work as expected for sure. Please see:

I did some server maintenance for the upcoming Vero V launch to prepare our infrastructure for increased demand and during the middle of the day on 18th August I found an issue (permissions problem) that would prevent Kodi add-on updates from working properly. This should have been fixed earlier this evening, but there was another issue.

Thanks for your patience. If you can confirm everything is now working at your end as expected that would be appreciated.



Thanks Sam, the repository is working again.

Thanks for confirming.