Request: Audio volume normalisation

Hi, I was wondering if audio normalisation could be integrated. A lot of the media files I have use different audio codecs, and they play at significantly different volumes, often resulting in a shock.

Would be really nice if all media played at the same volume.


This would not be possible if passthrough is activated. For decoded audio there already is an option in audiosettings I think… if not, kodi will include an audio dsp soon that might get some kind of normalisation.

If you use an avr, you could set a high drc (dynamic range compression).

That is something of a holy grail that is not really possible.

However if you use stereo output (eg not passthrough) make sure you have “Maintain Original Volume on Downmix” enabled in Audio settings - this will tend to bring up the volume of any 5.1 encoded videos to more closely match the volume of stereo 2.0 videos, when your output format is also stereo - it also applies some dynamic range compression.

In the on screen controls during playback in audio settings there is also “Volume amplification” - if you increase this it will boost the volume level of quieter sounds but applies a limiter to louder sounds. This is also a crude form of dynamic range compression which will help limit loud noises like explosions whilst still allowing speaking to be heard. Use this setting sparingly - I would try about 6dB and not go above about 12dB or you will get distortion.

That’s about all you can do with Kodi currently. If the volume levels are still too different between different videos I suggest you find or create better quality rips. :wink:

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