Request for bash-completion and locate default installed

every time I install OSMC I have to install these two packages:
They are very useful for ssh activities; bash-completion can help us to use tab key in ssh and locate to find files in quick mode (via sudo updatedb)


I find that completion using tab is there under ssh, without having to do anything.
I’ve never used locate, but it doesn’t seem to be present.

As the command line is not the main usage for majority of the users I don’t think that an addition of that packages would be a step helping OSMC for it’s purpose. Who ever needs it can install it with a quick apt-get, so not sense to blow up 500.000 Installations for something not used.

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really strange, I have to install bash-completion in order to have the tab completion on the shell


Since I haven’t customised any SSH stuff on any of my Pi installs (I have multiple, on Pi1A,Pi1B+,Pi2, Vero), I think you must either have a faulty install or have modified that aspect (possibly inadvertently).
I note that my (default) .bashrc file has something about enabling programmable completion - but have not idea exactly what it means (if it isn’t the tab-completion feature)

Hi Derek,
not at all; my installations are all fine (about 20 OSMC installations on PI1 & P2), I did not modify in any manner .bashrc; just discovered that tab completion in the shell was not working till bash-completion was installed. All the installations were made at the time of the November release of OSMC. But really does not matter I can install it without problem by myself. The request was made as a suggestion in order to have a more complete system even at the cli level; but seems that this request is out of scope for OSMC or too critical for the installed park.

But I still curious to understand why our scenario acts in a different fashion; as soon as OSMC will be released with Jarvis I’ll install a new one and check this.


I think the point is that you two need to agree what “tab completion” means for you.
Do you just mean that a command eg. systemctl is completed when you type systemc + TAB. This function comes standard on OSMC without bash-completion installed. Or do you mean more complex completition e.g. you type systemctl + Tab and are displayed with all options that systemctl provides like status/stop/start? I guess for that part you would need bash-completion.

Hi fzinken,
I mean for example
sudo apt-get install mpla
I’m expect that issuing the key TAB the system propose or resolve to me the package that I want to install (eg. mplayer mplayer2 and any package that starts with mpla)

Yep, that is what I thought and where you most likely meant something different than @dandnsmith

Good to know what the difference in expectation is - I only expected the (very simple) command/file completion case to work.