Rescan all Posters (Local Files)


I wanted to rescan all posters, since I completed to have for each movie a separate Movie poster.

I normally did that with a rescan of the complete folder, but it seems, that there are still the old posters (pulled from IMDB/TMDB) not my Local ones.

What would be a proper solution to rescan all my posters (Movies/Series).

I found these lines in another Thread, are they useable in my case:

It seems that this only clears the cache, but does not rescan, or am I wrong?

Thanks in advance

That will clear the cache but it will be recreated with the artwork that the database is currently pointing to. The only way to get Kodi to look for local artwork short of manually setting each item is to rescrape your library. The likely path you would want to take to accomplish this would be to go to videos>files and for each source context menu>change content then set it to none. Once you click OK it will ask if you want to remove these items from your library which you would reply yes to. You would then context menu>set content and reconfigure the scraper and then update your library. This will rescan everything looking for local artwork at the same time.

I tink did that with the specific subfolder, like 2 months ago. It worked before with the other folder but for this one it didn’t work with most of the Films, this is why I was looking for a different solution.

Navigate to the Folder (Films - Files - Location), then change Source. Change the Scraper, confirm and then back to the usual Scraper, then it cleans the DB and rescans.

But with this I still had problems with the wrong posters.

What wonders me, is that it worked before (not completely sure but pre Kodi 19 I’d day).

I’ll now do it again with the problematic Folder and will give a Feedback.

Just finished and already the first entry still has the old poster in it…
I also cleared the cache afterwards, still not the correct covers :confused:

Is the issue of the local art not being used an issue with all files in a source or just some? Are your movies all in separate subfolders? Do you have settings>media>videos>use video tags> set to enabled (it shouldn’t be). With the artwork file names are you respecting case sensitivity? If you posted some logs it may allow for some insight into what may be going wrong.

I have a subfolder for every letter in the alphabet which it starts with.
Video Tags are not enabled.
Filenames are correct.

What Logs can I pull that you have a better insight?
Should I rescan the Folder again before or is it still in the logs (Vero was powered off in meanwhile)

With the logs I mainly just wanted to see if there were any kind of error messages during scanning and see if there was something unusual with how you had your sources setup. Having your movies in alphabetical subfolders is a likely a source of the issue with the local artwork not being picked up. This type of file structure seems to be more prone to problems than just running flat or with dedicated subfolders for each item. Can you check your scraper settings and confirm that you do NOT have the “movies are in separate subfolders that match movie title” open enabled. Also note that you may have to check some subfolders if you have tweaked scraper settings on them previously. What I mean by this is normally you would set content on something like a folder called “movies” and then all your subfolders would then use what you have set there. If you then did a change content on say “movies/A/” then you would have scraper settings on “A” that were not necessary the same as “movies” and Kodi will treat them similar to having more than one source. Additionally check that you do not have any TV show source setup within the file path your using for movies or vice versa. Kodi can develop some strange scraping behavior when someone does that.