Reset password on RPi for user not SSH

I have followed


Using above instructions I did successfully change SSH password [not the intention ] but osmc user password remained unchanged

During restart I can’t get into recovery console - holding CTRL / SHIFT
Keyboard is working as I have already run instructions from above link

No one was messing locally with system

I wanted to avoid redoing everything as some work was put into configuration…

What was your intention then? passwd osmc does not change “ssh password”, because there’s no such thing, but user password, which can also be used to access device via ssh. so if you[quote=“fatboyslim, post:1, topic:37444”]
did successfully change SSH password
then you should be able to ssh to the pi. Unless you changed something in /etc/ssh/sshd.conf maybe?

honest to God
for couple of months [since setting up] I was having separate pass to SSH and osmc user
I was using SSH pass every time trough PuttY on Windows trough short-cut, so I can still see the pass used. And then pass for user osmc was different - used to log in to HDDs attached to RPi for Sync

Now I have new simple pass for SSH [the one I obtained by running ‘passwd osmc’] which works in PuttY, but same doesn’t work to log in to HDD under RPi [ I use ES Explorer on Android to on demand login to HDDs under RPi or SyncMe for regular syncs that for months had same password till it went bonkers]

I didn’t paly with conf files since setup

I just run
I got returned

Processing section “[automount template]”
params.c:Parameter() - Ignoring badly formed line in configuration file: osmc@osmc:~$ cat /etc/samba/smb-shares.conf

I missed idea that it might be samba not working ok, although I still don’t know what to do

You can try to change samba password with

sudo smbpasswd -a osmc

Thanks OZ!
That was it, samba password was not set at all :skull:
So what I understand I have same username for samba and SSH? that’s why I have mixed up what is what?

Yup. Enjoy your OSMC :wink:

Same username, but the passwords can be different.