Reset Vero display to default

My Vero 4k+ is running 320x200 or less. So bad I can’t read any text.
How can I reset the display settings to a default 720 or something so I can choose the CORRECT display settings, like a safe mode?

Did you change anything before this happened?
Otherwise there must be a problem with your EDID maybe a cable problem.
Suggest you connect via SSH and upload logs for the team to check with grab-logs -A and share the URL.
If you can read enough of the menu you also can do it via MyOSMC -> Log Uploader

Thanks for the reply. Hadn’t changed anything. Leaving it unplugged for a while seems to have resolved the issue. I’m thinking more likely a fault of my AV receiver, as sometimes I get “unsupported signal”.

As part of the RetrOSMCmk2, we have made a tvservice(command from pi, that handles display and audio) look a like for the Vero4k(+), there are two versions.

One for 3,14 kernel (standard install), that can list your TV/AVR’s supported resolutions and set one, from shell:

chmod +x
./ -m CEA
./ e "CEA 16"

16 is a guess of mine, after you run -m CEA you will get a list of modes to choose from.

Here you have tvservice for 4.9 kernel (still experimental kernel) and the comming Buster release of OSMC:

chmod +x
./ -p

-p sets the TV/AVRs preferred resolution, else you can go with -m CEA or DMT and get a list of supported resolutions.