Reseting calibration every time

Hi, Vero V is working great so far, just one thing, every time I turn it on I have to recalibrate the screen and I don t know how to save the calibration, I have an LG Oled C2
If you can help me I would appreciated

Which calibration exactly are you referring to? If you adjusting during playback I think that is contained to just the playing file unless you select set as defaults. Even then I think that is only set for that particular resolution and frame rate playing. You shouldn’t be needing to calibrate usually in Kodi anyway. If your trying to take care of an overscan issue then that should be disabled in your displays settings…

It seems you have a issue with Overscan. Ensure that you did not have any calibration configuration in Kodi/OSMC and use one of the following methods depending on the TV Brand you use.

  • Samsung TV - go to Menu / Picture / Picture Options / Size / Screen Fit (instead of 16:9).
  • LG TV - go to Settings / Picture / Aspect Ratio / Just Scan (instead of 16:9)
  • Sony TV - hit Home button, go to Settings / Screen / Display Area / Full Pixel
  • Sharp TV - hit View Mode button, select “Dot by Dot” or “Full screen”
  • Sharp Aquos - go to Menu / System Options / View Option / View Mode / Dot by Dot
  • Panasonic TV - go to Menu / Picture / Screen Settings / 16:9 Overscan / Off

I meant overscan, sorry

The menu you say is not exactly the same I got, now I turned off 16:9 and I delected as “original” I will tell you if it works

Thanks for the fast response!

The aspect ratio and overscan are two different things. On my up to date C1 in settings>Picture>Aspect Ratio> I can see two different settings titled user selection and just scan. Just scan should set to “on” to disable overscan. The user selection option typically should be set to original.

thank you very much!