Resize FS after installation

Hi, I have and old OSMC installation which I upgraded time by time.
Install is with USB stick and micro SD card, both 16GB

I found yesterday that /dev/sda1 (USB stick I presume) mounted in / is only 4GB: is it possible it never got resized after installation in one of the early install?
Is there a way to resize it now without data loss?

Suggest you provide full logs grab-logs -A so that we can check what’s wrong.

Also post a fdisk -l

Not possible.

The USB stick is formatted to the full size with ext4 during a USB install - there is no “resizing” involved that could have been missed.

Are you sure you didn’t manually copy an install from a smaller stick ?

Hi DBMandrake, this is actually possible.
Know based on my small experience a workaround i can see is to Backup OSMC with the MyOSMC utility and re-install from scratch which in anycase I would like to avoid as I made some tweaking to the installation with transmission and other that i would have to redo.

This evening or tomorrow I will post logs and fdisk -l output.
Just a quick questione: is grab-logs -A automatically uploading logs somewhere or is it saving locally?

That will upload the logs but unless you share the URL no one will know about them.

Any how an alternative is to plug the card into a linux PC (or one where you have booted a live CD and you gparted to resize the partition on the USB stick.

The installer will always use the full size of the device for the ext4 partition on Raspberry Pi. If you check install.log on the SD card, you will see how the installer has determined sector size and formatted the partitions. If you have any doubt, paste it here.