Resolution issue?

I have my resolution set to 1920 in Display settings and as I want my 4k TV to do all the upscaling I have every resolution add to the white list.

The system menus fit the screen prefectly, but when I am on a video or music menu and chose options the first 3 or 4 characters are missing and to the left of the observable screen.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Unless you did something with screen calibration in Kodi (which I strongly advise against) if it is happening on 16:9 content on a 16:9 aspect ratio screen then you probably just need to disable overscan…

It seems you have a issue with Overscan. Ensure that you did not have any calibration configuration in Kodi/OSMC and use one of the following methods depending on the TV Brand you use.

  • Samsung TV - go to Menu / Picture / Picture Options / Size / Screen Fit (instead of 16:9).
  • LG TV - go to Settings / Picture / Aspect Ratio / Just Scan (instead of 16:9)
  • Sony TV - hit Home button, go to Settings / Screen / Display Area / Full Pixel
  • Sharp TV - hit View Mode button, select “Dot by Dot” or “Full screen”
  • Sharp Aquos - go to Menu / System Options / View Option / View Mode / Dot by Dot
  • Panasonic TV - go to Menu / Picture / Screen Settings / 16:9 Overscan / Off

And if your using a whitelist and allowing it to downscale then your TV might be auto switching to some type of stretch or zoom mode when playing that content so you again will have to dig through your TV menus to deal with that. Note that a lot of TV’s will remember view mode per input and/or resolution so you may have to adjust your TV more than once when playing different files.

It was occuring om 16:9 and 4:3 material on Samsung 16:9 TV. I did not do any screen calibaration in Kodi, but went to screen size and turned off auto screen fit and all was well.

Thanks again

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