[RESOLVED] Disable a specific TV remote control key

I have a Panasonic TV. Whenever I change the Input (AV Source) via the “Input AV” button away from Kodi then it selects the “Weather” screen and presents me with the Input Selection screen.

When I change the source away from Kodi that is all I want to happen. I do not want it to select the weather screen nor, when I return back to Kodi, wish to be presented with the weather screen.

I have been working on this for the best part of 4hrs and am nearly giving up BUT I am close to an answer.

DEBUG: PushCecKeypress - received key f9 duration 0
DEBUG: OnKey: 249 (0xf9) pressed, action is ActivateWindow(Weather)
DEBUG: Activating window ID: 12600
DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (Home.xml) ------
DEBUG: ------ Window Init (MyWeather.xml) ------

(Kodi CEC log: http://xbmclogs.com/pubjnqpfx#line-674)

The AV source button on the TV remote seems to correspond to F9. The result being that Kodi selects the Weather window but the TV recognises it as a source change.

Here is my custom remote.xml file:


I fixed it!

I had this in when it should have been in

<key id="249">activatewindow(home)</key>

That took some time. Had I read the wiki properly I should have used the keymap addon earlier - it is absolutely brilliant!

Kodi Keymap Editor This will save you a lot of heartache and it actually indirectly teaches you how to set keymaps when you check /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps