[RESOLVED] LG OLED G2 + Denon AVR + Vero 4K+

I have upgraded my home setup to the following:

Denon AVC-S660H AVR
Vero 4K+

It’s properly connected through the AVR but CEC through LG remote is not working. I’ve seen three (older) topics on this already, but it doesn’t provide me with a solution. The whole idea of my setup is to have a single remote. The LG remote works fine with a Chromecast 4K connected to the AVR. I really don’t want to use the Vero remote - with all respect.

Is there a solution that I can try? I’m pretty disappointed in how the LG refuses to make the CEC seamless, but I’m hoping that there is something I can do on the Vero 4K+ side to resolve this.

I noticed that there are a few profiles loaded on the LG to use on CEC, but Kodi isn’t one of them (obviously).

You can try and power everything off at the mains for a few minutes to see if that helps.

I’ve tried that and much more. Spent all day to get it working. The LG just does something weird when it’s through an AVR. I gave up and have connected all of it directly to the tv with optical out to a simple but very good amplifier. Now the remote works. I cannot for the life of me understand what went wrong, but it’s good. Gonna return that AVR and save 500 bucks. Thanks though, love the product and happy with the upgrade. Had some audio sync issues on the AVR, but want to see if that is now also resolved. Otherwise I will open another topic on that.

You can’t get lossless surround through the optical cable.
CEC is a known issue with your setup.
This may not be the answer you are looking for, but you should probably try using Yatse on your cell phone as a remote.
Check it out here: https://yatse.tv/