Restart Media Center via Harmony Remote?

Is there a way to map this command “sudo systemctl restart mediacenter” to a button on a harmony remote? The main reason is for testing features in skins. Sometimes the skins have a feature which isn’t fully working and causes a freeze. Instead of having to ssh into the vero it would make life easier to run the command with a button.

Well the remote keys are handle by the mediacenter so it would depend on how frozen the mediacenter is

I see. I found one thread that looked a little to involved for me to setup using triggerhappy. I was hoping there would be something more straight forward.

As mentioned you can normally do quite easy a script to call sudo systemctl restart mediacenter from Kodi and assign it to a remote key, but if your mediacenter isn’t working anymore that doesn’t help you and you would need to go on the OS level

You could try mapping a “ReloadSkin()” action and see if that is enough to get you unstuck. You could probably also test the theory without bothering with the keymap next time you have an issue at the terminal with…
kodi-send -a "ReloadSkin()"

You might also try the “quit” action which should, assuming Kodi is going to respond, be the same as exiting Kodi and OSMC will automatically restart it after a few seconds.

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Unfortuantely both options were unsuccessful. I use home assistant and was looking into running a shell script from there but it looks a little too involved for me