Restore Kodi from backup

I have a 4k+ which has done the leia update ok. Unfortunately it did not like my Neon skin. So while sorting another one out I have screwed the kodi gui up. I have finished up with multiple pages of the General page, so I am unable to access the system settings. I can access the file manager, I know what I did wrong,but can’t get to the setting to reverse the kodi settings back to how it was. I have backup files from before and after the update. Can I get to system settings by keyboard short cuts or if not how do I restore a backup without going through kodi? Can I get to my osmc some other way?

Easy fix is to ssh into the Vero, and then:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

You will then have a fresh Kodi setup.

Cant seem to get into ssh. I’m pressing esc on my remote keyboard when the boot up screen comes on. Is that right?

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

Thanks bmillam but not working. Have tried 2 Bluetooth keyboards and a usb one. none take me into the ssh screen. Have tried on the black screen and the Blue one, just boots up into kodi. as I don’t have a power button on the kodi screen I’m disconnecting the power cable. I assume thats ok.

Try using the SSH method. Get Putty (latest version) on you PC.

That sorted it, Thanks for your help. don’t know why I couldn’t get in locally but got in via my macbook.