Restoring from Pi 3 to Vero 4K+

I’m upgrading from a Pi 3 to a brand new Vero 4K+, but my restore settings from backup is not working. It gives me a message saying that it “Failed to reading the file”. Tried network, tried USB drive. What could be the problem?


We don’t support restoring a backup from a different type of device. This will cause playback problems.

If you have a library you can export and import it.

In the backups section make sure the backup location is pointing to where the backup from your RPi is stored. On the files to back up section make sure that you DON’T have checked…

Addons folder
Profiles folder
Thumbnails folder

Once you have done this you can go to the manual controls section and choose the restore option.

Moving profiles manually is possible but not using this program. You can move the thumbnails but it is quicker and less prone to issues if you don’t.