Restoring Vero 4K

Hi everyone,

I have a Vero 4K and a Vero 4K+. Starting a couple of days ago, my older Vero 4K appeared to die, but I think I’ve resuscitated it. In any case, a lot of the settings I had customized have now reset.

What directories do I need to mirror over from the Vero 4K+ to restore my older Vero device to the way it was?


Everything in the /home/osmc/.kodi directory should do it.

Thanks Tom.

Well that unfortunately sad-face bootlooped me.

I can still connect with WinSCP, so hopefully another try will get it done.

Did you stop mediacenter on both systems while doing the copy?

Post logs so we can have a look, hopefully we will be able to see why you are getting the sad face.

I managed to use the backup and restore tools on MyOSMC and after a few attempts got it working. Thanks!