Resume after stopping video no longer working

Hi there,

I have the Vero 4K + now for two months and I think the past 4 weeks the resume option no longer appears and it used to. Every time I stop a video at a certain point and later on open it again it starts right away from the beginning while it should give a message if I would like to resume from where I left it.

My Vero 4K + has a NAS connected to it where I get the files from via NFS.

I have a log, but I want to clean it up due to privacy reasons. I read the following:

Sanitizing your logs

While generally the script tries to hide all passwords we know that certain people still are not comfortable with any information shared. If you are one of those first create the file locally, edit it and then upload it. To do so use:

grab-logs -A -C
nano /boot/uploadlog.txt
paste-log /boot/uploadlog.txt

If there an easier way for me to share the file? For example put it on Dropbox as a .txt?

Just use

Prefer putting it on Dropbox. Here is the link with the log:

Hopefully someone can help out.

Sorry, we don’t read logs from dropbox. You need to use

Ok, so is there a more detailed walkthrough in how to change partial stuff from the log via terminal so I can push it to paste.osmc?

You’ve already found the details. Edit the log using nano, then sent the log using paste-log while logged into the Vero. What part of that are you having problems with?

Just open and paste the content of the text file you uploaded to dropbox.

That was handy,

Here is the link

Strange, it looks like it stores the status
2019-08-21 23:48:33.886 T:3963159264 DEBUG: DoWork - Saving file state for video item nfs://

Ok, so all seems to look good. Could it be a setting in the Vero 4k I by accident changed?

2019-08-21 23:48:23.768 T:4050645728   DEBUG: LIRC: - NEW 160 0 KEY_OK linux-input-layer (KEY_OK)
2019-08-21 23:48:23.814 T:4071219200   DEBUG: CPlayerCoreFactory::GetPlayers(nfs:// Australia/MasterChef.Australia.S11E04.720p.HDTV.x264-ORENJI-Obfuscated/7883cd79b2ad4c918fdc176520803641.mkv)
2019-08-21 23:48:33.705 T:4050645728   DEBUG: LIRC: - NEW 80 0 KEY_STOP linux-input-layer (KEY_STOP)

That makes 10 seconds playtime, only.
Here, you need to pass the 3 minutes timestamp mark before the mediacenter suggests to continue from last stop.

I will post later on a log with more play time. I thought that would not matter, but even with the longer playtime I don’t anymore get the message.

I rebooted the system and played 23:25 a file. Played it for more than 3 minutes, stopped it, played again and no message the resume play. The log you can find here:

This is an odd name for a TV series file:

2019-08-22 23:25:12.112 T:4067110912   DEBUG: CPlayerCoreFactory::GetPlayers(nfs:// Australia/MasterChef.Australia.S11E01.720p.HDTV.x264-ORENJI-Obfuscated/1846e6a615914bf590392c7d07e2abe9.mkv)

What happens if you re-name the file to the conventional Kodi naming scheme and rescan the library? From that filename I don’t think that it will ever be added to the library.