Resume Dialog?

I am running current release OSMC and Plex plugin on my RPi 3b+.

When I resume a show, I see a dialog box that just says, “Do you want to resume?” and gives a Resume or Start From Beginning option (paraphrasing).

Recently, I saw a screenshot that said, “Do you want to resume from 16:23?”. Is it possible to display the resume time in my Resume dialog as well?

That is something that is dependant on the add-on your using and not Kodi or OSMC. If you wanted that feature added on to the Plex for Kodi add-on you would have to request it from Plex themselves.

Thanks. It was during our investigation of my other issue (that you resolved – thanks again) that I saw the "Do you want to resume from 16:23?” dialog within Plex, within Kodi, within OSMC. I saw it a couple times in passing and wanted to follow up to see if it could be made permanent.

Can you point me to where you saw that? It shows the time on my WebOS and Web clients but not in my Plex for Kodi add-on.

The times I’ve seen it was in the Plex for Kodi add-on…

Dropbox - Plex Pics - Simplify your life shows the pictures from the session with Plex for Kodi.

Please let me know of any questions, or what to explore. I’d surely like the Plex for Kodi add on to show the time when resuming!

The only thing I think you can do is ask over on the Plex forum. I don’t think this is because of any kind of a setup or settings thing that we would have any control over.

I’ve posted it here, in case anyone wants to follow along: