Resume playback from pause point not working

If i pause playback through PlexKodiConnect (not tested on anything else) and then try to resume, with and without rebooting the device, it will always play from the beginning again.
I assumed this was a PlexKodiConnect issue until i was playing around with different skins and noticed it works perfectly on other skins. Can a really skin cause this issue?
A posted an issue on the PlexKodiConnect github to be told “Get your connectivity issues in order on the Kodi (or the Kodi host) and you should be able to resume a video without an issue.”
I have never come across any connectivity issues using my Vero 4K+ and this instantly plays from the beginning like it doesnt even try to play from the resume point.

Im guessing im going to be told this is a plugin issue, not an osmc issue and be batted back to the plugin dev, but im at a loss if the plugin dev isnt helping so thought it was worth posting here.

Happy to post any log files that are needed.


Can you try with a local file first to verify it is an add-on issue?

Just tried with a reboot after pausing and it works fine, so my guess is that it is a plugin issue after all.

(very impressed with the response time!)