Resume playback with remote

Hi there,

New Vero 4K+ user here. I was wondering if there was a way of resuming playback with the remote control if I by accident press the “Back” button. This would be done with “Tab” with a regular keyboard but I can’t seem to find a way back to whatever I’m playing without starting playback anew.


You can but it will be a little bit of work. First you install the keymap editor add-on and program that key to global>system>toggle fullscreen. That is not actually the correct command but we can fix that. back out a few screens and click save. That will have made a file called gen.xml in your .kodi/userdata/keymaps folder. You would then need to either ssh into your Vero or access that file from the network and modify it. You would be replacing the two times that file says “togglefullscreen” with “FullScreen”. After saving the file you can reboot your Vero.

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Thank you! That worked perfectly :slight_smile: