Resume position does not stick

Hi folks.

After september update - resume position does not longer stick - when watching TV recordings.
Movies and TV Series are working fine - it is only affecting TV recordings.

I have a setup with a primary Vero - a secondary Vero and some Windows clients.
The primary Vero is running MariaDB to keep track of things.

I suspect there is an issue with the MariaDB setup - and I can see the following in the logs:

/etc/mysql/debian-start[2803]: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

Question is - how do I fix it?

Here are the logs by the way:

Have you tried the Zuki add-on? That is what I’m using and it doesn’t have that issue…

Also I think the PVR watched status is maintained by the backend, not Kodi’s library database.


No I haven’t - although I use a HDHomerun tuner - I’m not subscribing to their recording service.
Instead I’m using TV Mosaic (former DVBLink) as my PVR backend.

Although TV Mosaic called it quits two years back - their software was released in a community edition (free) without the licensing part.

I had no problems with the resume position for TV recordings prior to the september update.

Although I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to the topic of PVR’s I’d think that your best bet is to start looking at a new backend that isn’t dead. I think there is more changes to the PVR system in Kodi v20 which would necessitate an add-on update that also seems to be abandoned currently as well. I don’t personally have any suggestion in regard to what to move to. I can tell you that I run a Flex 4K with a direct attached hard drive and pay the $35yr for the PVR service and integrate it into Kodi via the Zuki add-on and have been quite pleased with it.

Yeah maybe I will have to consider a different backend.
For now I can live with it as a minor nuisance
I didn’t know about the upcoming changes in Kodi v20 - so thanks for bringing that up!

Maybe I will have another go with TVHeadend.
First time around I had some issues using my preferred recording format in TVHeadend, and audio/video sync issues.
Maybe things have changed for the better - who knows.

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