Resuming STRM files

Kodi does not resume payback correctly for STRM files.

I’d like to suggest to incude this patch in the next version for OSMC to address the issue

issue: kodi fails to resume .strm files · Issue #19981 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub
pr: Resume/show bookmark for strm files by Acidzero2020 · Pull Request #16076 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

It’s been discussed on the Kodi forum and there still seem to be issues: Resuming STRM Files

This might also be the reason why it’s not been merged upstream. I guess, we should wait for Kodi to merge this. :thinking:

yeah, I read that forum discussion, it’s where I found the patch I proposed in my post.

the issues reported in that forum are related more to the addons workaround proposed, not to the kodi patch itself (at least as I understand it).

Maybe it would be possible to add it as an option, disabled by default, in the Settings…

I’ve posted this as a question in the corresponding Git PR… We should wait for Kodi to implement this.

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