RetroGaming with the last version of OSMC


I have installed the last version of OSMC with Kodi Leia on my RPi but I’m not finding any obvious way to launch my roms per console like I was doing with RetrOMSC.
Is there any guide?
In addition, is there a stable way to install the Xbox controller (wireless with PC USB adaptor) ?


Check this

Thanks for your feedback.
I have tested and yes I can launch my games but they are all very laggy and I didn’t had this issue with RetrOSMC.
Any hints?

RetrOSMC is a whole retropie installation on OSMC where the cores are optimized for Raspberry pi. I wish the same could be said for Kodi, but that is not true. Kodi is using libretro cores but still not as optimized, since kodi is built on multiple platforms, optimization on one platform could be devastating for another.

clearly you didn’t read my post carefully enough I suggest a cup of coffee and rereading that post :slight_smile:

Which post are you talking about?

if you look on fzikens post he links my post that clearly states what’s possible and whats not

not really sure how much you actually read other peoples post when they are trying to help you…