Retropie video calibration

I configure video calibration on kodi and it works fine. But when I open retropie video is a Little Big Germania. How I can Fix this?

hey- did you get an answer to this mate? I too have the same issue on my samsung tv. In kodi my overscan top left is 41,27 bottom right 43,25. In retropie only seem to have an option on/off, which doesnt help either way…
top/bottom of the screen is cropped.
Am I missing something??

Did you try changing the aspect/zoom mode on the TV itself?

i know it’s a OT question… but speaking about Retropie inside the OSMC forum… i have osmc installed on my Pi2, it’s possible to add/install RetroPie as addons and play retrogames from running OSMC ?

Or i can only buy a “newest” SD card and make a secondary installation from .img ?

@FaustoGSR, have you tried [HowTo] Retrosmc - Retrogaming on OSMC

Works great for me

Very interesting… if i have some question about this i post insiede this specific thread…

hey @ActionA yup did this, then had to reset my calib to 0,0… seems to have done the job! cheers