RetroPlayer in Leia

I’ve read online that Kodi Leia has RetroPlayer built-in. Has anyone managed to successfully get it working and play games from ROMs? TIA!

First of all, OSMC-skin hasn’t got support for games yet, so you got to switch to Eustary.

I’m managed to get built in 2048, mGBA emulator and QuickNES working, some controller issues (bluetooth to blame i think). Sega genesis emulator starts games, but wont acknowledge controller. Snes, most sadface, but Snes9x, starts but no video or sound(just black screen).

Remember Leia is a work in progress, i’m glad for the action i get sofar. I’m running the latest Leia, recently made a clean install(wiped the SD card and did a new image).

good luck

Thanks Joakim.
Can you point me in the direction of instructions for installing a NES emulator?

@chachadude Here goes the setup for nes games:

Click games menu on main page
click Add games
navigate to you rom forlder
and add that source

then you install the emulator:
Settings->Add-on browser->My add-ons->Game add-ons->Emulators
Enable Nintedo-NES (QuickNES)

after that you can navigate your roms source in game menu och click on the game you want to start.

Tack you.

I’ve used Kodi since it was XBMP but would never have found that in a hundred years. I browsed the game addon repo section many times looking for emulators but never got any indication that there even existed an “emulators” category. Ah Kodi, still the old familiar single threaded synchronous game loop centric mess.