Retrosmc and internet archive rom launcher

I installed osmc and retrosmc.
Launching retrosmc opens up emulation station and from there I can play games.

I saw this kodi add-on

For launching and grabbing ROMs from the internet archive.

Has anyone got these to work together?

Retropie does bot have anything to do with kodi.
This will most likely just launch roms with retroarch out of kodi.
This doesn’t work though, and thats why we have separate retropie in the first place.

It coukd work when kodi 18 hits though as it has built in retrogames functuonality.

I know kodi and retropie are separate, thought that you could launch retroarch from the command line or via a script to open an emulator from osmc.s menu.

As said, that is not easily possible as without x11 and kodi running in the background there will be no sound or input for the emulator.

If you find a solution to this, that would be really nice.

If not, you would have to download the roms manually and put them into the folders

Maybe more hassle than it’s worth then since retropie loads and plays.
Thanks for the quick responses!