I am about to install either Retrosmc on my current OSMC installation or am contemplating Retro Pie on it’s own SD Card.

  1. To setup retro pie it will take a long time. If new updates of OSMC come out i.e New versions of Kodi will I have to reinstall OSMC. If so it may be worth installing Retro Pi on it’s own SD?
  2. Is Retrosmc the latest version of Retro Pi. Will I be able to connect to it as if it’s a full version of Retro Pi and update the config files for each emulator / core.
  3. Is it likely to slow down Kodi or have any negative impact on it?

Thank You.

I can answer 1 and 3 from my own experience:

  1. No OSMC update sofar has broken RetrOSMC, been running it since 2016-01-01.

3: None what so ever in my experience. I keep my roms folder on a usbdrive so it wont eat up SD-card memory.

I’m so happy with it, so are my kids =)


Thanks for that. One thing I noticed was that in a lot of the config videos people were logging into the pie with putty with username retropie… would this be possible as by default it requests osmc as a username… not sure if it would cause permission issues!

it wont