Return policy of Vero 4k+

Thanks a lot for the updates @Eternal_Pessimist.

My TV does support 1080p. As soon as I’ll get my Vero4K+, I’ll post some pictures.

Hi daviddoji, just picked up on this and hope you don’t mind my adding to the conversation. I have an old Pioneer Plasma TV, these were actually made by Panasonic in a joint venture before Pioneer dropped out of the TV market. It has similar inputs etc to your TXP42. I have had my Vero for about 6 weeks and had some initial set up issues, with support for the people on here i now have an excellent set up. In fact my pioneer receiver could not carry the 1080p and so i linked the HDMI from Vero direct to the Pioneer Plasma and the digital out to the receiver. I have 1080p pic and great DTS and other surround options.
I am still learning about so many other things on the Vero 4k+ but i feel sure you wont have any issue with the Panasonic plasma giving you a great pic from Vero.

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Not at all @cliffreeves. Thanks for letting me now those experiences. Looking then forward to receive mine :smiley:

Just a heads up. I received yesterday the Vero 4k+ and it was as simple as plug and play in my old Panasonic Plasma.

I had some issues with a couple of movies that I couldn’t watch in Kodi using an old RPI, and they played smoothly in Vero.

So far very happy with it.