Return policy of Vero 4k+

Hi there!

I’m hesitant to buy this device as I can’t see anywhere the return policy. I have an old Panasonic Plasma where I had some problems plugging a simple rpi3 with OSMC.

I guess that this device, being more specific, will not give me too many headaches, but you’ll never know.


P.S.: What about the plug? Can you choose it during the order process?

Thanks for the link.
In that case, if I have to pay for the return in case the device does not work with my TV, I’ll not take the risk of buying it.

What problems did you have with the rpi3? Probably need some more info if you want to know if it should work.
If it has hdmi i would have thought either rpi3 or the vero would work

Oh i see lol. Yeah.

Thanks @fzinken for stepping in. Yes, it’s weird and it makes me hesitant about buying the Vero 4K+ if I’ll have similar issues.

We automatically send the appropriate plug for your region, but you can request a specific plug in the order notes.

You can request to return the item within 14 days of receipt the device for any reason whatsoever.

In most (but not all) regions, we are able to provide a returns label.


Thanks for the reply Sam. As said, I’m just concerned about my old TV not being able to display the output of this device.
If you can confirm that you can provide a free-return label for Germany, I’ll definitively buy it and, hopefully keep it :smiley:

Unfortunately we only cover return costs for faults / problems; not if the customer changes their mind. You may find that some local resellers have a different return policy in this regard.

Thanks again Sam for the fast reply. In my case is not that I will change my mind about the device, it looks great as far as I can see from reviews. If I return it, it will be because I can’t use it, but I get your point.

I have an old Panasonic plasma in my bedroom. It’s going soon as I’m replacing my LG OLED 55C6 in the lounge with a new OLED in next 6 months.

Its an old 42inch and is setup with Popcorn vten media player. I can find out exact model number, think it does 1080i not 1080p, but can check and test with Vero if it’s worthwhile for you.

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That be great. Looking forward to your tests.

No problem I’ll get onto it today. I used to be far more involved in media players in the 90s and remember issues with players that had been set to pc monitor outputs having issue thereafter displaying standard TV outputs. On the PCH players you hd to reset the output via the remote to 720p first and then up to 1080i in the media player settings. Otherwise all you got was a black screen due to odd PC output of 1440 or similar.
My Vero is set to 1080p for GUI in the Vero settings which I expect the TV to downscale automatically to 1080i or 720p and display a picture so you can fine tune via Kodi settings white list later for the actual outputs you need for the old plasma. That’s how the Vero will arrive from the factory.
Looked on TV rear and it’s a TX-P42G20B.

I’m using a TH-42PZ80B with no problems

Thanks for the replies. Let’s crossed fingers then. I’ll be using a Panasonic TX-P42G10E.

Had a hospital appointment which delayed me earlier. I’ll test today apologies.

I’ll connect turn onto correct TV hdmi channel and film it booting. I’ll set it to 720p output for GUI and auto or max 1080p for TV output. Run a couple of TV series. Not expecting any problems as Vero is far more customisable than late 90s and early 00s media players.

If your TV doesn’t support 1080p you won’t be able to choose it in the GUI and you will see only 1080i. Also IIRC you can’t whitelist an interlaced mode so the only way to watch 1080p videos at 1080 resolution is by setting the GUI to 1080i.

But getting a picture at all would help @daviddoji.

Yep and the more I think about it the Sony TV I had before the Panasonic may have had a 1080i ceiling with the Panasonic having 1080p. Looking at the specs on Google supports both the Panasonics having 1080p.

The issue re EDID and first setting to a PC output was the issue. On Popcorns you had to press TVmode+7 to get the UI back to 720p from the PC output otherwise, unlike the Vero with its it’s CLI/SSH, changing resolution was a pig and led to lots of returns.

I’ll check the users Pansonic G10E in Google to see if like my 20B it had 1080p.

Right good news guys.

Simply left the Vero4k on the setting for my current LG but played only 1080p material on the Panasonic. The GUI came up instantly and I took a couple of GUI shots to show you the System settings and the OSMC skin. Then navigated through my internal LAN and played a few files without any problems on the Panasonic. A further point the Panasonic remote could control the Vero which I wasn’t expecting!

Took a couple of photos and a quick video to show evidence which I’m adding to post.

Video upload is having issue as not a jpeg or other format forum expects. 1080p playback was fine as well. How to add probable MP4 video from s9 hint anyone? YouTube

Ignore camera work just to show settings and test dates as well as Panasonic TV logo to show OSMC/Vero working well on old plasma TV.