Returning Vero 4K+ to main build in stead of developer build

Some while ago, I followed these instructions to change sources.list to be able to upgrade to Kodi 19. I forgot to change it back for a while so I’ve been getting almost daily upgrades for development builds I presume. I now changed it back, but I’m apparently now on a build that’s giving me some problems. Some addons don’t work (Retrospect, KPN iTV, Ziggo) and the the view of my Auramod skin is not correct and often crashing.

How can I change back to a main build in stead of a developer build? Or should I change sources.list back to receive developer builds so I can upgrade to one in the coming days that hopefully does work for me?

You might find it easiest to reinstall the latest version from the Download page.

Thanks, will be doing that.
Does that work as an upgrade and will I keep all my settings, skins, and so forth? Or do I need to backup?

Reinstall will delete all personal files and settings so you need to backup/restore to keep them.

Allright thanks, will using the backup and restore option on My OSMC also backup all skin settings and video library data?

Yes, if you use the default database (not an external MYSQL one)