Reuse a Vero 2

If I want to reuse a vero 2 for other purpase what would be the easiest way to get a clean Linux running ?

Is it install OSMC from image and remove every thing not needed or install a Debian/ubuntu or Fedora/CentOS ?
Ii think I would prefear last, but which distribution to use for the Vero 2 - I notise it has a Cortex-A5 ARM. And do I get in trouble whih missing drivers or anything whith ths aproach ?

I would install OSMC then disable Kodi.
That will give you a minimal system.

Yah that were my first idea.

But if I want to install a clean debian - would a debian-arm64 be the right one ?

armhf is what you’d want.
Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to advise or provide support for Debian.


Thanks. Ill think about what to do.

How to easiest remove kodi and OSMC specifik parts and get a simple DE instead ?

Unfortunately we don’t have any specific steps for this