Reversing Spotify Connect Protocol

Just thought I’d put it out there that we’re trying to implement an open source version of the Spotify Connect protocol, which allows you to stream to hardware devices. Figured OSMC would be one of the projects that would benefit from such an addition, but the main reason I’m here is that we’re looking for anyone who knows a bit about reverse engineering or anything else that might help the project out, and if you have some spare time and want to contribute, for the benefit of of open source media boxes everywhere :wink:

Anyways, thanks for reading.

The repo for work so far, and links to related stuff can be found here: GitHub - librespot-org/spotify-connect-resources: A repository to hold any data/stuff related to reversing the Spotify Connect protocol. Mostly just data dumps at the moment, but if you have something to add to it, be it an implementation, information or just another data dump, make a PR and I will add it asap.
Please introduce yourself on the repo chatroom if possible, it’s nice to know who has joined the project:

Any and all contributions welcome. See u soon :slight_smile:

@sam_nazarko if you are still interested in working with the project, a rough roadmap has been drafted that should cover development for a while at least. There is additional info in the chatroom. If you still want to get involved, that’s great. I think plietar is doing some more work with the current prototype over the weekend, so once that is up, it should hopefully offer some structure and insight as to where we go with this.

As always, stay classy :wink: